We all know the importance of the Internet in our lives because when a wireless network slows down, so does our entire life. Everything stops working, all devices freeze and our browsers stop loading. There may be multiple reasons why you would need to fix your Belkin router like firmware issues, signal congestion etc. So how do you fix a Belkin router so that it works in perfect condition again? This tutorial on how do you fix a Belkin router will help you to learn about a few ways to fix your Belkin router and boost your wireless network speed.

  • Router firmware update

Router Update

This is a major thing that is required to fix a Belkin router. To fix a Belkin router, you need to update the firmware of the wireless router. A user gets two advantages by doing this. First, you can take the advantages of additional features and improvements in the latest router firmware update. Second, your wireless router receives the latest security updates which make your wireless network safer than before.

  • Preventing interferences

Wireless networks often get interrupted by other wireless-enabled devices like microwave, other wireless routers, Bluetooth devices, and cordless phones. To prevent your wireless network from getting interrupted by other wireless-enabled devices, you can select a different channel for your router. Moving to a less crowded channel may help things speed up. You need to use a wi-fi scanner to identify the less crowded channel for your wireless router.

  • Choose a right band

Newer routers usually have dual-band capacity which means you will have a two-in-one router. So you need to choose the right band for your wireless network. A wireless network with 5GHz frequency will provide you with a faster Internet speed and a network with 2.4GHz frequency will provide you comparatively a lesser speed.

frequency band

  • Check the security

When an unauthorized user connects to your wi-fi, it slows down your network. The security settings on your router also affect your wireless network. So if your router is configured with advanced security settings, your network will perform much better. First of all, configure your router with WPA2 security encryption and then assign your network a complex wireless network key. We recommend using a combination of characters and numbers.

  • Router reset

Resetting your wireless router brings it to the default factory settings. Once your router is back to the factory settings, you can reconfigure the router and you will experience a smoother network performance. Router reset erases all the wireless network configurations. Even performing this step only can help you to fix your Belkin router and you won’t need to again search for “how do you fix a Belkin router”.

So this tutorial was all about fixing the Belkin router. As you asked us a question “how do you fix a Belkin router”, we provided you with the solution to your query. We hope this tutorial helped you to fix your wireless router. In case you face an issue while attempting to fix the router, call us on our Toll-Free number and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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